Sunday, September 23, 2012

#6 : RED

Hello! It's nice to write on this blog again ♥
I'm not abandoned this blog, I just move to another country.
Yep, I'm here in China since two weeks ago with limited internet connection.

This is the outfit I worn last time I went out with my friends in my hometown. So sorry for being late to post this outfit.

Peplum Red Top : Tailored ;
Black Bodycon Skirt : ZARA ;
Gold Necklace & Bracelet : Unbranded ;
Black & Gold Wrist Watch : ALBA ( mom's )
Black Pump Shoes : Nine West
Stone Ring : Stories & Stone, local stone brand in Bali
Loving him was redI miss my hometown, I miss my family, my beloved friends, and you.
Wish me luck during my study here :)
xoxo ;

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Ladies

Dear ladies, this world is not a safe place, it's a warzone!
Are you ready to be the fighter? Or you want to fail as a loser?
Dear ladies, you should prepare yourself to be independent, make your mind to think like a man.
Open your mind widely, be strong enough to fight against this rough life. Don't let anyone beat you and make you fall to the ground. Fight like a solider.
Be true to who you are, don't fake your personality. Don't worry about what people going to say about you, you don't need opinion, and they aren't google that know everything. They don't know your story, so don't let them judge you.

xoxo ;