Saturday, February 23, 2013

#9 : Sweet Nothing

You took my heart and you held it in your mouth
And with a word all my love came rushing out
And every whisper, it's the worst,
Emptied out by a single word
There is a hollow in me now

So I put my faith in something unknown
I'm living on such sweet nothing
But I'm tired of hope with nothing to hope
I'm living on such sweet nothing

And it's hard to learn
And it's hard to love
When you're giving me such sweet nothing
Sweet nothing, sweet nothing
You're giving me such sweet nothing

Thursday, February 21, 2013

#8 : IF

If a kiss were a raindrop, I'd send you showers.
If hugs were a seconds, I'd send you hours.
If smiles were water, I'd send you to the sea.
If love was a person, I'd send you me (:

In this life, we never realize that we always says IF. It's hard for us not to say this word. 
Without IF, we never dream, but life will be so much easier.
Without IF, we never push ourself to find possibilities in front of us.
But, if we use too much IF in our life, we'll find it hard too catch what we want. It's because we're not only seeking for a good possibilities, but also the bad one.
Sometimes, IF just is too sweet for some phrases, but it also send you a lot of lies.
Beware with an IF! (:

Top Unbranded ;
Play Pants Uniqlo ;
Mini Bag Michael Kors ;
Shoes Local Store in Shanghai ;
Necklace Unbranded ;
Rings H&M

xoxo ;

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Questioning My Self

Lately, I was thinking about a drama, the title is You're the Apple of My Eye ( 那些年 ).
 It's a sweet story about a friendship between a boy and a girl. Then, they fell for each other, but, the girl never knew about the boy's feeling. When she knew about it, it's just the way too late because she already married another man.
What would you do, if this case happen in your life? If you're a girl, would you wait for the boy you fall deeply in love with though the situation and the condition forbid you to do that? But you can't deny that he's the one you're attached to. Or, would you find another boy?
And the last, do you believe that true love always find their way back?
Well, it's hard to decide, but I'm sure, you don't have to get yourself to the same problem.

xoxo ;

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever?

They said "Nothing Lasts Forever" but for me, this friendship will lasts forever.
Dear my beloved friends, we're now grown up, getting older, and getting mature.
And also, nowadays, we're separated by the distance, by the time differences, and by our activities in our daily life.
It's hard to maintain our life now, to even meet each other, and have some fun together.
From the bottom of my heart, I can't lie that I miss our togetherness. I miss every moments, every dramas, every laughters, every sadness, every problems, I miss everything about us guys.
I remember how we spent our holidays in Bali, its totally unforgettable!
From our togetherness, I also learned a lot. Some people said that gems are precious, but from all of you, I learned that nothing can't replace all of you, even a thousand gems. Yeah, you're all irreplaceable, and this friendship between us is priceless! Gems are precious, but our friendsip is PRICELESS!
Thankyou guys for all the good and bad times that we've been through. You're the rainbow over the rain, the best things I ever had.
Hope that we can see our each bright futures!
Love you most! ♥

Dedicated to my beloved friends in Highschool (:

xoxo ;

#7 : As Simple As I Can Prove My Promise

I don't wanna run awayBaby, you're the one I need tonightNo promisesBaby, now I need to hold you tightI just wanna die in your arms here tonightShayne Ward - No Promises

Sometimes, we find it hard to keep our promises to someone. Sometimes, we found ourself run away because we can't keep our promises. For me, I hate being the person that always forget or cancel their promises. But I can't deny, I did that things too.
But now, as I promised in my last post, this is my came back post, a simple outfit for this first post after a quite a long time without outfit post.

Basic Tee; Shoes by Zara
Jeans by Superdry
Ring; Bracelet by H&M
Snake Skin Bags by Mom's Collection
WristWatch by Elle Studio

And by the way, thanks to my boyfriend for your surprises and gifts on my birthday and Valentines day!
thankyou dear for you birthday surprise
and all the present yo give me
from me to you, and from you to me
thanks for the valentines day dinner,
gift, flowers, and chocolate!

xoxo ;


It's been a long time since my last post here in this blog. I miss this blog, a lot, as you can imagine yourself. I miss taking pictures about my outfits, I miss writing in this blog, I miss everything about blogging. For quite a long time, stuck without this blogging things, you can imagine it's suck. But now, until two weeks again, I'm back to this blog.
Just stay tune, dear readers!

xoxo ;