Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once

Yep, that's so true. That's why I'm gonna live my life no matter what will happen in the upcoming days.
I'm glad having my life although it's rough enough, but, still I'm so grateful for what's going through my life.
Yeah, I know, it's not easy to live every single day in our life, but, we should thank to our dear Lord because He still gives us another day to breathe while many people out there trying to survive with their life.

Life is hard, but, I'm gonna live it like I'll die young tomorrow.
Life isn't about what you have done, should have done, and what you could have done. You better change the way you think about life because it's all about what you can do and what will you do to make it priceless.

Life is a misery? No, it's an amazing mistery.
When you have another day of life, there will always a problem, even it's a super simple one. You are so clueless, that's why you keep guessing what will happen. You have to be dare to face it, just remember that our problem are not bigger than us, we are bigger than them, stronger than them and the most important is that He won't leave us alone through the good times and the bad times, He'll always be there, He always will. Don't be afraid, because He'll walk beside you. Give His blessing to every single step you'll take.

So everyone who visit my blog and read this post, be grateful for what happened in your life. They lead you to who you are now. It's a lesson, the most precious one. Take the good one as your lesson and leave the bad one and forget about it. Don't ever look back, and make the same mistake. Don't be too worried about your future and don't expect too much, it will kill you soon. Just live every single second of your life happily. That's all you have to do, because You Only Live Once.
xoxo ;

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