Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Questioning My Self

Lately, I was thinking about a drama, the title is You're the Apple of My Eye ( 那些年 ).
 It's a sweet story about a friendship between a boy and a girl. Then, they fell for each other, but, the girl never knew about the boy's feeling. When she knew about it, it's just the way too late because she already married another man.
What would you do, if this case happen in your life? If you're a girl, would you wait for the boy you fall deeply in love with though the situation and the condition forbid you to do that? But you can't deny that he's the one you're attached to. Or, would you find another boy?
And the last, do you believe that true love always find their way back?
Well, it's hard to decide, but I'm sure, you don't have to get yourself to the same problem.

xoxo ;

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