Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever?

They said "Nothing Lasts Forever" but for me, this friendship will lasts forever.
Dear my beloved friends, we're now grown up, getting older, and getting mature.
And also, nowadays, we're separated by the distance, by the time differences, and by our activities in our daily life.
It's hard to maintain our life now, to even meet each other, and have some fun together.
From the bottom of my heart, I can't lie that I miss our togetherness. I miss every moments, every dramas, every laughters, every sadness, every problems, I miss everything about us guys.
I remember how we spent our holidays in Bali, its totally unforgettable!
From our togetherness, I also learned a lot. Some people said that gems are precious, but from all of you, I learned that nothing can't replace all of you, even a thousand gems. Yeah, you're all irreplaceable, and this friendship between us is priceless! Gems are precious, but our friendsip is PRICELESS!
Thankyou guys for all the good and bad times that we've been through. You're the rainbow over the rain, the best things I ever had.
Hope that we can see our each bright futures!
Love you most! ♥

Dedicated to my beloved friends in Highschool (:

xoxo ;

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